Seedholder (neologism, noun) siːd həʊl.dər/ – a person that owns one or more shares in a new or early stage company’s stock granted by the company in the expectation that the person will make a significant contribution to the long term success of the company.


Applicants to become seedholders should NOT send their resume/cv but instead send the following information to Name, Age, State and Country of Residence, Telephone Number, Most recent exam results, Current job; and your greatest or most notable achievement (in no more than 200 words).


Specific skills we are looking for at present are those listed below but you don’t have to apply for a specific position: we welcome and need all driven talent.



  • SVP Engineering
  • COO
  • Software Engineers x10
  • Behavioural Scientist
  • Head of Strategic Organization





  • Unity Developers