Inventor FAQ

Who is XCAP for?

Anyone doing innovative and ground-breaking work in an emerging industry or creatively disrupting an existing industry that needs an accelerator and funding to take them to the next level of creating a business that has the potential for scale, pricing power and IP exclusivity.

People Requirements

If over 18 you will almost certainly need to be educated to degree level. If under 18 an outstanding academic record is required. If an individual you should be 45 or under. If a team, the average age of the members of the team must be 45 or under.

Business Requirements

Evidence of intellectual property is generally required, either pending or granted. If not evidence of an idea that will be very hard to reproduce is necessary.

Areas we take particular interest in are:

Connected Technology: social learning. social gaming, mobile applications, electronic money
Applied AI: machine learning, neural networks, systems neuroscience, spoken dialogue systems
Biotechnology: gene therapy, predictive diagnostics, emerging medicine and lifesciences
Technology Designers: microchip, radio, automotive, mobile designers

But that doesn’t cover it: if we’re blind to a future trend that is going to change the world we are interested.

Funding Requirements

No prior funding is needed but it helps if you are prepared to co-invest.

Is XCAP a crowdfunding service?

No. XCAP is an active IP accelerator. XCAP is not a platform that processes payments from investors.

What is the process?

1. You fill out this application form.

2. We have a meeting. You will meet with two separate teams. You will tell one team about the business – you must convince XCAP of your ability and the achievability of your goals. The other team will get to know you as an individual, your strengths and weaknesses etc. Both teams will have to approve you in order to move to the next stage.

3. XCAP promotes you and your business idea. A general overview of your business is made freely available but important details are only distributed to qualifying investors.

4. You get funded.

What are XCAP investors looking for?

XCAP investors generally follow the Silicon Valley model. They like to invest early in companies that have the potential to be turning over millions of pounds within a relatively short timeframe. They are looking for very talented individuals who can create companies with the potential to IPO or that may become the target of acquisition by a larger company.

What kind of investors can you find for me?

As well as raising equity capital for you we want to get for you the best possible human capital behind it. We look at what talents and skills investors can bring to the company as well as the risk capital.

What can I do to improve my chances of getting funded?

The single biggest thing you can do to improve your chances is to already be working with potential clients. For example if you are working on algorithms to predict retail footfall you should already be working with retailers getting to understand what they need, how they work with partners etc.

What stage should my business be at if I want to use XCAP?

Seed or early stage.

I have a career that I dont want to jeopardise, can I keep my identity confidential?

Yes. But be aware that although your name does not need to go on potential investors who send in an IOI will be told who you are.

How can I tell if I/we can make it on my/our own?

You won’t be on your own. XCAP will ensure that you are in a network of people that can assist you and help you achieve what you want to achieve. You will have colleagues and mentors just like you have in your career at the moment. If you want to be the next George Hotz and make it 100% solo then XCAP isn’t for you: collaboration is key to what we do.

What percentage of my company do I have to offer?

It depends on your proposition and how much money you are raising.

What are XCAP's fees?

None if you are a seed company embarking on your first raise.

I only need to raise a small amount – can I still use XCAP?

Yes. But are you sure you can create a business with scale turning over significant sums of money without significant investments in systems, hardware, research and marketing etc? XCAP is an aggressive accelerator rather than a passive incubator.

Will XCAP sign an NDA?

No. You are not going to win by keeping your ideas secret: you are going to win by being first to market and then making your proposition so strong that copycats are forced to give up. There are IP agencies world-wide that you should be using to protect your IP.

What else should I be aware of?

You may need to relocate to another location – and possibly another country – that has the right talent to give your ideas the best possible chance of success. That doesn’t mean if you are in AI you have to move to Montreal or if you are in distributed game development you need to move to London. But the talent war is global.